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project planning tools

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The service industry is booming, this topic is highly searched for. Major corporations have classes for employees covering this topic. It is a very important part of business - keeping the customer and keeping him happy. Selling this Niche-eBook by itself with its own webpage will bring in a very nice price. Niche-eBook shows you: what great gifts you can give to your dog how to keep your dog happy what to do to make sure your dogs get along how to keep fleas and bad odor off your pet solutions if your dog gets smelly - 63% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 69. 1 millions homes - 45% of U.S. households own more than one pet In 1988, the first year the survey was conducted, 56% of U.S. households owned a pet as compared to the 63% of present day. There are more than 43 million Dog owners and 73+ million dogs here in the U.S. alone . An estimated $38.

4 billion will have been spent on household pets in 2006. This eBook has great potential when presented to pet owners. Their pets are also their family members. Niche-eBook shows you how to: choose clothes that make you look slimmer make simple changes in your wardrobe for impact dress in style and be comfortable too shop for clothes when you're on a tight budget PLUS 21 tried and true fashion tips! Fashion is a $172 billion retail market nationwide. This figure seems low, but there is room enough for more online fashion eProducts with a 321,000 + searches in the top search engine alone, add the other 3 biggies and you can't go wrong with this one. Niche-eBook shows you: how to develop the perfect garden how to maintain a garden with only 5 minutes to spare why you should invest in a good set of gardening tools how to cultivate your flowerbeds how to take care of your houseplants PLUS 21 gardening tips you can use today! Gardening is one of the top past times for retirees.

This eBook will help them to better their gardening skills Gardening crosses both genders as, project management tool cloud, well as all races. I have gone through many, many gardening books, and this one is one of the most comprehensive I've found to date. Millions of gardening books are sold by amazon each year. Niche-eBook shows you how to: care for your skin using natural products keep your family healthy inside your home incorporate better nutrition in your diet make small changes that result in huge weight loss U.S. Clubs: 26,831 (as of 1/05) U.S. Health Club Members: 41. 3 million (as of 1/05) Total U.S. Industry Revenues for 2004: $14. 8 billion Health and Fitness brings in more than 1. 35 million searches per month. Niche-eBook shows you how to: keep your manuals and pamphlets handy deal with clutter in your household With the price of housing at an all time high, many just can't afford to go out and buy a new house or hire a contractor to completely revamp their home.

So the next best thing is to repair and remodel what they have. 500,000 + searches Niche-eBook shows you how to: get more use out of dryer sheets get more use out of vinegar Housekeeping searched on Amazon brought back 48,481 results. Google shows over 20 million pages,all to do with housekeeping. Why use project management tools, niche-eBook shows you how to: organize yourself and your time keep up wih your schedule and avoid stress Everyone's looking for more time. Tap into this market while it's red hot. In the U.S. there was over 492 million dollars spend in 2006 by people searching for ways to help cut down on trivial time wasted in their daily life. Again, these 10 Niche-eBooks have never been released before. You can be one of the FIRST few to have MASTER RESELL RIGHTS to these Niche-eBooks and keep 100% of the profits!

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