What is TouchBoard? TouchBoard is a program that types text for you. It can make most typing jobs go faster and easier. It can type text into any other program, in any quantity. TouchBoard is unique and revolutionary. It does not require that you press keys on your keyboard or click your mouse. What operating systems can TouchBoard run on?

TouchBoard runs on Windows and Mac OSX. TouchBoard can also run on Linux, although Linux support is experimental. Who will benefit from Touchboard? Touchboard is a general purpose text entry utility, and therefore anyone who works with text can benefit from Touchboard. The more you work with text, the greater the benefit that will be realized. The following groups of people will find Touchboard exceptionally useful: People who experience soreness from typing or mousing:     Do your wrists or hands become sore from typing? These are precursors, or symptoms, of common RSI's.

RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury, and these include carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. TouchBoard works to dramatically reduce the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks required to create text, thereby helping to eliminate the motions that cause RSI's. Programmers:     Use TouchBoard to type any common programming constructs, such as empty if statements, empty for loops, and template classes or files. Store variable names that you are currently working with in the Clips board for easy repetition. Chances are that people have already created boards specific to your programming language for TouchBoard. In fact, TouchBoard has been used since its first version to help program newer versions of TouchBoard. Since programming involves so much text repetition, many programmers report doubling or even tripling their normal programming speed.

Web Developers:     Web developers get the same kind of benefit from TouchBoard as programmers. , what are the project management tools The difference is that instead of programming constructs, they use it to type HTML, CSS, and other Web development languages. Secretaries, Medical Transcriptionists, and other text workers:     Use TouchBoard to automate any commonly needed typing. People with a lot of login names:     TouchBoard can store and type for you your login names, passwords, and other pieces of repetitive text. Desktop project management, people who make purchases and fill out forms online:     Use it to fill out your name, address, phone number, email address, and so forth on the internet. Fill out forms in seconds instead of minutes. People with disabilities:     Since this program does not require use of the keyboard or clicking of the mouse in order to enter text, it can be of great benefit to people who have difficulty doing either of those actions.

Use it in conjunction with any device that allows a person to move the mouse pointer. Speech recognition users:     TouchBoard works great in conjunction with speech recognition software. Speech recognition is good for english words, but bad for anything else, including peoples names, and other non-english text or symbol groups. The two software types have differing strengths. Use TouchBoard to type text, symbols, words, and phrases that the speech recognition software does not easily recognize.